Sunday, September 28, 2008

Summer into Fall

Isn't it amazing how quickly summer flies by when you're an adult?! It seems just like yesterday we were anticipating our summertime plans and being home together. Now it's back to the old grind of school and schedules. But what a good time we did have rounding out the warm days of summertime fun! Here's the proof.....
Who is this silly googly eyed boy? They loved these goggles!

Gotta keep the water out the eyes when sliding full speed.

Ethan enjoying a little hot dog with his corn cob holders. Did we mention this boy LOVES watermelon? Can't get enough!

Our little trip to the zoo. We went and picked up Dad from work and headed over together to have a little fun.

Back to school! Ethan on his first day of first grade.

Big Jacks headed off to preschool...rain or shine! He loved it and asked if I could drop him off there again.

Dad and Ethan scored some tickets to the BYU football game. Ethan's first game, I think he's a fan. He's the easiest kid to take anywhere. Before this game they spent the night before....

Camping! Also a first for Ethan. Matt is the YM's president and had a campout to attend. I'm thrilled to have 3 boys that will all be able to go together in a few short years, something I'm looking forward to!

A couple of good looking boys if I do say so myself.