Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Merry Christmas!

Well, as you can see Santa Claus did make it to our home! I think every year the boys get more excited and it makes so fun for us. Fun times and memories to be made!

Thomas is still a celebrity at our house and the jet engine was a must have this year.

Carson multi-tasking...and yes that is drool on his shirt. He has had a bit of a cold and well you can figure out the rest.

Grandma and Grandpa Butler sent this fun!

The most exciting thing about this wagon are the restraints :)
When you have a monkey like we do, it's in their own best interest.

I realized I haven't even taken any pictures of the tree. Good grief, after all the time it takes to set the darn thing up you'd think we'd post pictures everywhere! Well, maybe before it's time to take it down.
Happy Holidays to all of you our friends and family!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Catching up!

I was thinking to myself what a shame it was that I haven't posted anything since November and then the cruel reality hit.....October! It's been since October! So I suppose we'll pick up where we left off.

Yes, 3 boys is what we have in case you doubted for a brief moment. What are you going to do if one insists on being a witch? Oh...a Warlock right?! No a WITCH! Funny stories as I'm sure you can imagine but no skin of his nose, he loved it!

The crew getting ready to go out.

A little uncomfortable?

Nah!!!!! This is a boy who sleeps best with a kinked out neck which cracks me up because when the boys were babies I was always so concerned about "kinked" necks. can this possibly be comfortable?

We had a wonderful Thankgiving with family and have enjoyed several Christmas outings as well. A trip on the Polar Express was a fun adventure and dowtown to see the Christmas lights that never dissapoint!

Merry Christmas!

How was that for lightning speed update?