Friday, April 25, 2008

Laundry is my Favorite!

So the other day I started thinking that Ethan and Jacks are old enough now that they can start helping with chores around the house. Wednesday I was doing laundry and I told the boys that they needed to put away all of their clean clothes. Ethan looked at me with an excited smile and a crazy giggle and said..."Laundry? I love Laundry! Can you do laundry every day while I'm at school so that I can put I all away when I come home". Immediately after hearing this I knew that I must document it or else I might not believe that it ever happened.
Ethan is really the type of kid that makes you feel like you've hit the jackpot. When it's time to clean up the play room he tells Jackson that he needs to leave so that he can clean it by himself. How many kids do you know that do that? He gets giddy when I ask him to clean his room up and make his bed. Folks...I think we have a winner! No trades on this kid. He is a keeper!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Adventures of Jackson Clark Butler

Don't call him bud, dude, sweetie or love...he is Jackson Clark Butler and he'll tell you so!! This guy is a laugh minute with his classic one liners that could be compiled into a best selling book. We are more entertained by our children than we ever thought possible. I would call it cheap entertainment, but those of you that are parents know better than to say that is true!

Friday evening, while Matt and I were out (Aunt Kathryn babysitting....bless her heart) Jackson decided he needed a drink out of the bathroon faucet. According to JCB he climbed up on the toilet only to fall right back off flat on his cute little face. When we returned the poor kid had blood all over his shirt and a lower lip five times it's normal size. With his crooked little smile and bulging lip with cuts and bruises he says, don't worry mom, it's feeling all better. (I wish I had taken a picture) All better it was not! The guilt of a mother! No worries though, he tells me..."Mom, you are a great girl". No love lost I suppose! Gotta love those sweet little kids!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

We're Blogging!

Say hello to the new Butler Family Blog. We've decided that in an effort to stay in touch with our family and friends both near and far that this is the easiest way to do it! This blog may not look as cool as many of the ones that you experts out there have, but hey....we're tryin!