Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gotta Love Technology!

So...pretty much on a daily basis I look at Matt and say "Wow! Isn't the internet just amazing!" He always looks back and says "I know, I know...what would you do without it!?" But seriously people, WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT IT? I know many will argue that we all did just fine before, but aren't we so much better now?!

I have to say how incredible it is to be able to keep in touch so easily and see pictures of family and friends with a click of a mouse. I just love it! There are so many of you that we've lost contact with that we've been able to track down and communicate with on the internet.

Thanks goes to Bobi and the other girls that helped in organizing the Balmoral GNO! I miss all of you and am so grateful to see that your families are all growing and doing so well! There are so many of you that we have great memories of and we enjoyed being your neighbor and your friends!! What wonderful times we enjoyed, but I don't think you truely realize it until the time is gone!

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