Tuesday, February 10, 2009

January....the bad and the really good

So I've got a little money saving tip for you.....
since it's cold out anyway why use your fridge when you can do this? Put your milk in ice banks to chill, perishables in a family size cooler and condiments, well they can fend for themselves. It's really convenient, except for the fact that all your labels fall off, everything is slightly damper than normal because unfortunately it does rain in the winter. Bummer!

Actually....as I'm sure you figured this is not something we planned. Matt and I had been getting ready to leave out of town for a week when our fridge went out unexpectedly. Well, I suppose that it's never "expected". What a drag! Anyway we improvised (thank goodness it is winter) and now three fridges later (don't ask) we are good to go.
So after figuring all of this out this is where we got to go:
Looks fun doesn't it?! Well it was!

Leaving the yucky cold winter for this put a BIG smile on my face!

January in Cabo San Lucas, not too shabby I must say. Matt or possibly strangers snorkeling...not too sure, I was dozing on the job :)

The "hat" : best vacation accessory now determined. Made early morning dining on the ship possible without exposing severe bedhead to unsuspecting cruise passengers.

This was one of our formal nights for dinner. Good food and even better date.

Food is something that there is no shortage of on a cruise ship. Believe me if you haven't been it's hard to imagine where they possibly store this kind of mass quanity of grub. But it's not about the quantity (well for many it was :) but for us it's all about presentation. Sad but true we took pictures of our food like every night. This is just a small sample. Our dinner mates must have thought we were crazy....but hey, we like to document.

Yummy!! You just can't go wrong with lobster. And, well if one isn't enough to fill you up order 2 or 3. Does it get any better than this?

Now to sum up this beautiful vacation:

Relaxation to the fullest
An over abundance of delicious food
Someone to clean my room and make my bed (twice a day)
Warm weather and sunshine that can't be beat
Time with my sweetheart that can't be matched at home
An opportunity to miss my children
Realization of how blessed we are in the US bad economy or not we are lucky!


michelle said...

It looks like so much fun!

Sherilyn said...

Cruises are the best - glad you were able to go and enjoy the time with you husband

Christine said...

Ooooh...I'm jealous! Marty REALLY wants to go on a cruise someday. I think the food would be my favorite part, and yes, I'd take pictures of it too.

Marcus & Lindsay said...

Very nice! You totally deserved the trip. Looks beautiful.

Cindy said...

How fun Christy. Was this a special occasion or just for the heck of it? Either way, you deserve it. Looks like so much fun.

Alyssa said...

Sorry we couldn't be there! Glad you figured out the ordering of a few plates of lobster :-)It was great to see you before you went...next time :-)

Addie May said...

Good pictures! Geez, those pictures of the beach really make me want to get out of the snow!

The Ostlers said...

It looks like you guys had such a blast! Cruises are the best vacation there is that's for sure!

Jaclyn said...

Oh my, I'm green with envy. That trip sounds like paradise. Glad you got to go on it with your honey, you two deserve it. Also glad your frige broke in February and not July. Great job on looking at the positive side of life.

Lucie said...

So fun. I'm glad you and Matt were able to enjoy one another. You guys deserve it! :)

{chrissy} said...

What a blast!!! And sorry about your fridge. Bad timing, for sure. At least it had snowed, though.

Lace said...

That's great that you guys found some time to yourself and in a great place too!! Awesome! and I loved the hat, they really are life savers!

ps sorry about the frige...lame. but I'm glad you figured it out!

di said...

fabulous!!! i love cruises! so glad that ou had a great time!! we need to catch up!
hope that you are well!

di said...

me again--i need to order another temple plaque sometime to make for a friend. do you still have some? it would be for the timp temple?