Friday, May 22, 2009

{ The Day has Come }

So it's true, and I'm in denial about it. Tomorrow I turn 30. Those of you reading this that are older are thinking...whatever. Those of you who are younger are thinking how old I am, right?

Well it's something that of course I knew would come or at least in all reality I should be glad it came, but this is a tough one. I am pleased with my life thus far but is it really possible that this day came so quickly? Huuhhh..... I'm puzzled as to were the time went. I thought to honor myself :) and to try to lessen the blow I would try to be introspective about myself and my life and post 30 facts about little ole me. Boring perhaps ... you have permission to go now if the thought of 30 facts that you have to trudge through is too much to handle.

* I am a loyal friend! I really make an effort to keep in touch.

* I'm a diet coke junkie...sad but true

* I thrive on a busy schedule. More to do causes me to be more organized.

* I am not a "details" person, I leave that to Matt

* I like to talk. "Yellow Energy" (as Matt calls it) is a must for me

* My favorite color is Red

* I love to "network" with people. Moms, Business Owners, Handy get the idea.

* I hate puzzles (goes back to the detail thing)

* I don't mind speaking in public or in front of groups

* Sleep is my favorite hobby

* I've discovered I have a real thing for hair product

* I love being a mom to boys

* I love mushrooms and artichoke hearts

* I am cheap

* I always have a spiral notebook with my life's notes

* I don't mind laundry

* I love e-mail and now have it at my fingertips with my fun

* I love to vacuum...instant satisfaction!

* I get grumpy when I'm hot

* I was Relief Society President of a family ward at that will age you instantly!

* I love childbirth (pregnany a different story) ...2 of my boys nearly fell out on there own

* I ask a lot of questions, this is how I connect with people. Annoying I'm sure.

* I'm an optomistic person.

* I like a clean house. I didn't say it was clean, but I do like it when it is.

* I'm kind of a clothes horse when it comes to my boys

* I drive a mini van.....never thought that day would come

* Black Friday is where it's at

* I read the obituaries

* I love Mexican food

* I cut all the "boy hair" in my family, now that's a full time job

* I'm a saver

* Bubble Wrap is my friend

* I love all the friendships I have made with customers and clients

* I love my life and couldn't be happier, even if I'm doing it now in my "30's" ....WOW, that's even more than 30! Thanks to anyone who stuck around for all my ramblings. I never thought I'd make it. Who has time to think about this stuff let alone type it out!


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Christy! Welcome to the 30's. It's actually not so bad once you get used to the idea! Hope you have a wonderful day!

NatNeedham said...

Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 30's! It's better then the 20's anyway!

Christine said...

Love your list, Christy! And happy birthday!! I'll turn 30 in November, and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet. :)

michelle said...

Happy Birthday Christy! I know exactly what you mean, it is all going too fast. Even worse is the birthday staring at me down the road in about 3 years. Ugh! Hope your house is clean and you get to do something fun today!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday!

Lia said...

Happy Birthday! 30! Whatever!!

Jaclyn said...

Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over 29 (just like the rest of us). Unfortunately, I crossed that 30 yr old bridge last August and so far haven't found it to be too bad. What is it about the obits that are so interesting? I love to read them too even though I rarely know anyone in there (thankfully). Glad to hear someone else enjoys the same morbid pastime. I hope you have a great birthday!

Warner Family said...

Happy Birthday Christy, I feel your pain. I will be 30 in a few weeks. Crazy how time flies.

chrissy said...

Loved the list! I hope you had a great bday :)

Amy said...

Wow, happy birthday! You'll have to prep me for the big 3-0 since I'll have my turn hitting that milestone in a few months. I liked your list. Good to know some random things about you.